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Commercial Diving Medicals

We can provide UK HSE diving medical assessments. Mark Downs is a HSE Approved Medical Examiner of Divers (AMED.) The successful applicant will receive the MA2 HSE Diving Certificate.

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Recreational Diving Medicals

A medical assessment for those wishing to take up or contiune recreational diving who have medical problems. France & Spain require all recreational divers to have an annual medical assessment.

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Offshore (Oil & Gas UK) &
RenewableUK Medicals

Mark Downs is an approved doctor for Oil & Gas UK (OGUK) and can provide these assessments along with RenewableUK medicals.

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Diving Medical Advice

Do you have problems with equalising your ears when diving? Do you have complex medical problems and wonder if you may be able to dive? Medical advice can be provided. Please note that certificates of fitness to dive cannot be issued without a medical assessment.

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Medicals availability

Coronavirus Update 24/02/21:
The UK is coming out of the national lockdown. However the virus is still prevalent. There are still many asymptomatic people potentially spreading the virus. Caution is still required. Social distancing is still required.

All medicals will need to be performed using PPE and with disinfection protocols. Despite this there still remains a risk that coronavirus may be transmitted and the medical applicant will need to accept this risk.

Covid-19 Era Protocol
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Stay safe everyone.


Monday 9am - 8pm
Tuesday Noon - 8pm
Wednesday 9am - noon
Thursday 8am - 8pm
Friday 1pm - 6pm
Saturday 10am - 1pm

No availability

24th June to 3rd July (possibly)
12th to 17th July
20th to 24th September.


"Coronavirus" Extension

On the 24th March 2020 the HSE issued clarification that divers with a full in-date HSE Diving Certificate (MA2) could contact the AMED that issued this certificate and seek a 3 month extension.

To be eligible for this the diver must have an in-date full MA2 certificate from myself, confirm that there have been no new medical health issues since last seen and that their fitness remains adequate.

The process for applying:
1)  Diver emails me
2) I will email the medical questionnaire and details of how to pay the £50 fee.
3) Diver completes the questionnaire and emails it back.
4) Diver makes the payment for the fee.
5) I will email a MA2 certificate, valid for 3 months from the date of expiry of the existing certificate. Normally the diver would need to sign this certificate in the presence of the AMED but the HSE have stated that this need not be done for these certificates.


Update 27th May 2020:

The HSE issued further guidance stating that only a single 3 month extension is possible without a face to face medical examination.
If a diver is unable to obtain an extension from their existing AMED then they may contact another AMED, send them their previous MA2 forms, complete a questionnaire and have a satisfactory telephone consultation then a 3 month extension may be issued (as above.) This will not be possible if the diver has experienced any symptoms of Covid-19 infection.



Diving emergencies

I do not provide an emergency service for diving accidents or incidents.
If you think you may have decompression illness then you should either contact your nearest Recompression Chamber or the National Helpline - 07831 151523


Recreational Diving Medicals

Recreational dving will resume in the UK from 29th March 2021. These medicals remain a high risk for the transmission of Coronavirus and divers will need to accept this risk.

The provision of this service is not an endorsement that it is safe to dive, you should only resume diving if your risk assessment is satisfactory.

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Payment methods

Payment is due at the medical assessment.
Payment may be made by cash, cheque, Credit / Debit card with PIN.



It is essential that you allow adequate travelling time to arrive punctually. Arriving late may mean that your assessment over-runs the following appointment and it is not fair to keep others waiting due to your fault. If you are likely to be late then you should telephone us to discuss whether your assessment can still proceed.

If we can't help you then try the following links

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Core Features and Benefits!

  • UK Health and Safety Executive Approved Medical Examiner of Divers.
  • UK Diving Medical Committee medical referee.
  • Oil and Gas UK approved doctor.
  • Experienced recreational diver.
  • Wide range of convenient appointment times.
  • Free medical advice.

Our Team

More than a bunch of pretty faces, our team (Your Team! that is..) have been working together for more than 15 years, developing a medical assessment service for the diving, both commercial and recreational sectors, and offshore industries in the UK.

Our business philosophy has always been "be professional and provide a service that is accessible and thorough."

Whether you need help deciding which medical assessment that you need, have a question about one of our medical assessments, or just want to get some advice... just call us +44 (0)7802 895853

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