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Oil & Gas UK & RenewableUK Medicals

Who needs an Oil & Gas UK (OGUK) or RenewableUK Medical?

Anyone wishing to work offshore in UK waters must have a valid OGUK medical certificate. Likewise those working in the wind farm industry must have a valid RenewableUK medical certificate.  The list of approved OGUK doctors are also recognised to perform RenewableUK medicals.


OGUK Medical

This is a thorough medical examination that not only covers fitness to work offshore but also documents a baseline of medical results (e.g. hearing level, lung function tests, BP) for review at subsequent examinations. This examination does not include screening for recreational drug use, offshore companies usually perform these randomly and a positive result is likely to lead to instant dismissal.
The certificate will normally be valid for a maximum period of 2 years.
Anyone working offshore is likely to have to undergo offshore survival training and in 2018 the use of emergency breathing systems (EBS) has been included in these courses. A certificate of fitness to undertake training whilst using these EBS is required. Those designated to be members of Fire Teams will need an enhanced medical certificate  - this examination will include a physical fitness test (Chester Step Test.)

RenewableUK Medical

This medical is required for those wishing to work in the wind farm industry. It is similar to the OGUK medical but includes a physical fitness assessment using the Chester Step Test.

Appeal Process

If the applicant disagrees with the approved doctor's decision then an appeal can be made to Oil & Gas UK within 28 days of the original decision. Full details are available at click here